Sh2022 Pritchett Anne

Anne Pritchett

Senior Vice President of Policy and Research, PhRMA

Anne McDonald Pritchett is senior vice president of policy and research at PhRMA. Pritchett directs policy development, research, and educational efforts related to the environment for innovation, biopharmaceutical manufacturing supply chains, the industry’s response to COVID-19 and future pandemic preparedness, and related issues impacting the industry’s supply chains, including cybersecurity, IP, STEM, and other policies needed to support a favorable policy and regulatory environment for continued biomedical innovation. Prior to PhRMA, Pritchett held policy roles in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, focusing on implementation of the National Drug Control Strategy and evaluation of national substance abuse campaigns. She previously held leadership positions at a small medical association and contract research firms providing research, policy analytics, and communications support to federal agencies. (PhRMA is a 2022 Festival Underwriter)

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