Sh2022 Manzi Anatole

Anatole Manzi

Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Director, Clinical Quality and Health Systems Strengthening, Partners In Health

Anatole Manzi is deputy chief medical officer and director of clinical quality and health systems strengthening at Partners In Health (PIH), engineering innovative solutions to integrate equity and quality management with clinical practice. He also serves as director of PIH’s global learning collaborative for pandemic preparedness and response and dynamic health systems resilience. Manzi is a New Voices Senior Fellow at the Aspen Institute and founder of Move Up Global, which strives to improve access to better health and education in remote and resource-constrained communities. His research evaluates health care quality improvement interventions in resource-limited settings. Manzi is assistant professor of global health at University of Global Health Equity and lecturer on medicine in the department of global health and social medicine at Harvard Medical School.

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