Aif2022 Orofino Alessandra

Alessandra Orofino

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Nossas

Alessandra Orofino is co-founder and executive director of Nossas, a women-led lab for civic engagement and activism in Brazil, where she develops tools and methodologies to equip young citizens to impact policy making. She is also the showrunner and lead editorial voice of “Greg News,” a weekly political satire show in Brazil. Orofino previously was a founding team member of Purpose, which incubated groups including AllOut, GetUp, and Meu Rio (the precursor of Nossas). Earlier, she worked with gender-based violence research in Brazil and India and was a columnist and curator of a blog focused on gender inequality at Folha, Brazil’s largest newspaper. She is a past TEDGlobal speaker as well as an Obama Foundation and Ashoka fellow.

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