Maria Hinojosa

President and CEO, Futuro Media Group; Anchor and Executive Producer, "Latino USA," NPR; Anchor and Executive Producer, "America by the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa," PBS (Festival Underwriter)

Maria Hinojosa is a news anchor, reporter, and president and CEO of the Futuro Media Group, an independent nonprofit multimedia journalism organization she founded in 2010. She is the anchor and executive producer of the Peabody Award-winning, NPR-distributed radio show “Latino USA” and PBS’s “America by the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa,” and she hosts Futuro Media’s political podcast “In the Thick” and “Humanizing America,” a digital video series that deconstructs stereotypes. Hinojosa’s nearly 30-year award-winning journalism career includes reporting for PBS, CBS, WNBC, CNN, NPR, “Frontline,” and CBS Radio. She is also a new contributor to “CBS Sunday Morning” and a frequent guest on MSNBC.

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