Courtney Moran

Clinical Prosthetist, Research and Exploratory Development, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Courtney Moran is a certified prosthetic clinician who uses her combined clinical and technical background to support the biomechanics group of the Research and Exploratory Development Department of Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (APL). In this position, she supports the development and clinical-assessment phases of projects related to prosthetics, rehabilitation, and body-interface technologies. Previously, Moran was a part-time manager at APL on the DARPA Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 Program development team, co-leading and then leading efforts of the Prosthetic Socket Development team. Prior to APL, she worked in private prosthetic practice for six years as a clinical prosthetist for Kessler Adventist Rehab and for Dankmeyer.

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