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Environmentalism doesn’t have to be a big bureaucratic top-down thing. It can be simple actions communities can take.

Joel Sartore Photographer; Author; Founder, The Photo Ark

Tools for Drawing People In

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Tools for Drawing People In


For more than 130 years, the National Geographic Society has pushed the boundaries of science by engaging the average citizen in a deeper understanding of the planet. Join two Nat Geo Fellows, Joel Sartore, renowned animal photographer, and Scott Loarie, director of a plant and animal identification app, to learn about the tools and strategies they're using to connect people to their environments. How are they getting us to care about something we should care about?

Climate change is changing our planet more rapidly than we think, including accelerating the loss of species and habitat. But if we can get more people to care, by kindling a personal interest and/or having shared experiences of the natural world, there’s more hope that action will be taken.
Of the 12,000 to 15,000 species Sartore will document with The Photo Ark, 5-10 percent of them will be extinct when he finishes the project in about 15 years. Up to 50 percent will be extinct by mid-century. (Source: “The Extinction Crisis,” Center for Biological Diversity)
Support The Photo Ark project. Check out iNaturalist. Begin by examining your own lifestyle and your own community to see how things need to change to benefit your backyard plant and animal species.

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Tools for Drawing People In

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