Reimagining Citizenship


Is the spirit of citizenship still alive in America? Past generations had the draft and epic fights for civil rights. Before that, Tocqueville described how barn raisings and self-government were part of the same civic impulse. But what is citizenship in America today? What should it mean beyond a bundle of rights and benefits? What are the responsibilities, individual and collective, of a modern citizen? Whether we are newly naturalized or longstanding Americans, what do we owe our country? From electoral reform to national service, from local non governmental innovation to a program of Americanization and immigrant integration, it's time for a new citizenship agenda one that defies traditional left-right divides. In this session, Eric Liu leads a conversation with some of America's leading thinkers from the Right and the Left to explore how we can all renew and reinforce a culture of strong citizenship in our nation.

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Reimagining Citizenship

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