CBD: Hype or Hope?


There’s a big mismatch between what people use and what we’re actually studying.

Mallory Loflin Research Scientist and Principal Investigator, Veterans Affairs San Di...


Suddenly, CBD is everywhere – it’s being sold in major drugstore chains and showing up in skin lotion, smoothies, baked goods, lozenges, pet food, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Some people swear by CBD to treat inflammation, anxiety, pain, sleep disorders, epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure, and just about everything else. Derived from the cannabis plant, it is part of a class that also includes THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The US Food and Drug Administration held its first public hearing on CBD in early June, but doesn’t yet regulate the product, and concerns about mislabeling and other hazards abound. What does the science tell us about CBD? Is the $600 million market a triumph of hype or a hopeful promise?

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CBD: Hype or Hope?

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