The American Idea

In a time when our nation is deeply divided, we have to ask: will the American Idea survive?

Forged in deeply considered ideals of justice, equality, and freedom to pursue individual goals, the American experiment continues to evolve. But the flourishing of this democracy requires constant vigilance on behalf of educational opportunity, equal protection under the law, and such freedoms enunciated by the Bill of Rights as speech and press, due process, and religious belief. As we consider the “American Idea” today, where are we on this arc towards justice and liberty for all? Across the week we highlight the scholars, artists, politicians, innovators and even humorists who share perspectives on the history, future, and present success of an idea so formidable, yet so novel, that it has been the envy of many across the globe. And in a time when our national conversations are fraught with deep divisions, we have to ask: will the American Idea survive? 

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