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Great numbers of everyday citizens are pushing back against concentrated, monopolized, institutionalized power.

Eric Liu Co-Founder and CEO, Citizen University; Executive Director, Citizenshi...
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You're More Powerful Than You Think

You're More Powerful Than You Think

Show Notes

Black Lives Matter, the Occupy movement, the Tea Party, and many other groups have developed in recent years as a response to the age we’re living in — an age of epic political turbulence. Author Eric Liu says people across the political spectrum are reclaiming power. In his book "You’re More Powerful Than You Think", he lays out the strategies of reform and revolution. In this episode, Liu uses examples from the right and the left to reveal the core laws of power. He highlights what movements have been most effective and explains why joining a cause digitally —by liking it on Facebook or retweeting it —isn’t effective enough.


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