Mitch Landrieu AIF 2014

This humanitarian crisis is not in some faraway nation, it's here in our streets in America.

Mitch Landrieu National Co-Chair, Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign; Former Mayor of New Orl...
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Will Violence Be Our Legacy?

Will Violence Be Our Legacy?

Show Notes

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu says that nowhere is America's crisis of violence more evident than in the African-American community.  In this talk, he asks: What’s the real cost of violence? And how do we change it? Since taking office in 2010, Landrieu has reformed the city’s police department and launched NOLA for Life, an initiative to reduce murders. And it seems to be working, at least incrementally: The murder rate in New Orleans has dropped for the third straight year. So what can the rest of the country learn from New Orleans? The Aspen Institute found this talk to be so compelling, that we’ll be taking a deeper look at Violence in America at the Aspen Ideas Festival this summer.


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