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When we say, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, the question really is, freedom of which speech, freedom of which thought?

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When the 'Woke Playbook' Kills Free Speech

When the 'Woke Playbook' Kills Free Speech

Show Notes

How is social justice best pursued in a time when America is facing a reckoning on race? In today's cancel culture, many believe making the world a better place means banishing some opinions from the public sphere. John McWhorter, associate professor of English at Columbia University, says this censorious mindset threatens the value of free speech. McWhorter, a linguist and author of over 20 books, speaks with Jane Coaston, host of The New York Times podcast "The Argument," about pop culture, the philosophy behind free speech, and how college campuses are often where today’s cancel culture frame of mind begins. They also discuss McWhorter's latest book, Nine Nasty Words: English in the Gutter—Then, Now, and Forever. (This episode contains explicit language)

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