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If we can develop the Covid vaccine so quickly, imagine the implications that has for other global challenges.

Darío Gil Senior Vice President and Director of Research, IBM
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We're in a science moment. What will come out of it?

We're in a science moment. What will come out of it?

Show Notes

The Covid-19 vaccine was developed at an unusually rapid pace, and now the public's expectations are high for what science can deliver. It's a good thing we're in a science moment. Gobs of data are being produced, researchers are collaborating more, and the public is engaged. But is the pace of discovery keeping up with the science? Alison Snyder, managing editor at Axios, interviews Darío Gil, senior vice president and director of IBM Research at IBM, Serpil Erzurum, chief research and academic officer of Cleveland Clinic, and Nicholas Dirks, president and CEO of the New York Academy of Sciences, about the pace of discovery in an age of streamlined research and development processes and advanced computing.


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