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Europe, in alliance with the United States, is the absolute linchpin of our peaceful and prosperous existence.

Kati Marton Journalist; Author, True Believer: Stalin's Last American Spy
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The Age of Euroscepticism

The Age of Euroscepticism

Show Notes

Hours before President Trump attends a NATO Summit in Brussels, we examine the role of the alliance and how it fits into Europe’s recent struggles. Brexit, terrorism, a new anti-establishment government in Italy, and rising nationalism fueled in part by a flood of immigrants from the Syrian war are testing the grand European experiment. How should the continent move forward? And how will the region handle Trump’s anti-European and anti-NATO rhetoric? The Aspen Institute’s Elliot Gerson leads a conversation with Kati Marton, journalist and human rights advocate; Douglas Lute, former US ambassador to NATO; and Mircea Dan Geoana, former president of the Romanian Senate and founder of Aspen Romania.


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