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If there's going to be improvement here, it's got to be through the democratic process. And I implore you again, to stop pushing away people whose agreement you'll ultimately need to reach those democratic compromises.

Clark Neily Senior Vice President, Legal Studies, Cato Institute
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Solving the Problem of Guns in America

Solving the Problem of Guns in America

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Merely defining gun violence is difficult, and coming to agreement on what to do about it often seems near-impossible in the United States. But people on all sides of the debate agree that they want to feel safe, even if they have different ideas of how to achieve security. What will it take to truly listen to each other and make progress on this issue? U.S. Representative Lucy McBath, advocate John Feinblatt, Cato Institute legal scholar Clark Neily and sociologist Jennifer Carlson come together at the 2023 Aspen Ideas Festival to share their unique perspectives and expertise on fighting gun violence. Journalist and public radio host Jenn White moderates the discussion.


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