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I just am trying to find a way to tell history that allows us to bring the sort of memorialization and heroism to our ethical responsibilities in the present moment.

Imani Perry Hughes-Rogers Professor of African American Studies, Princeton Univers...
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Redemption Song?

Redemption Song?

Show Notes

History has the power to teach us what to do in the present, but do we actually make good use of that tool? Many events in our recent past might suggest otherwise. American history is complex and full of pain, suffering and missteps. Harvard professor Imani Perry’s interdisciplinary work draws from African American studies, legal history and cultural studies to find insights into how we live today. In this talk from the 2023 Aspen Ideas Festival, she joins author, historian and Vanderbilt professor Jon Meacham for a conversation about how to reckon with the United States’ difficult history. The two touch on the Civil Rights movement, the value of civics education and a collective mindset and what simply getting along with our neighbors can and cannot accomplish.


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