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The media is the fourth pillar of democracy — without independent media and its contributions, without its unbiased contribution, democracy would be nowhere.

Khizr Khan Constitutional Rights Advocate; Attorney, KM Khan Law Office
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Norman Lear & Khizr Khan: Understanding American Values

Norman Lear & Khizr Khan: Understanding American Values

Show Notes

Norman Lear is the prolific television writer and producer of stories about diverse American life—among them “All in the Family,” “Sanford and Son,” “The Jeffersons,” “Good Times,” and “Maude”—as well as a lifelong political and social activist. Khizr Khan is a Pakistani American lawyer, speaker at the 2016 Democratic Convention, and parent of US Army Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in 2004 during the Iraq War. Born 28 years and 7,000 miles apart in Connecticut and Pakistan, today they are united as American citizens, friends, and agents of change. Aspen Institute President Walter Isaacson joins them to discuss pressing questions of our time.


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