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Introducing: SOLVERS

Introducing: SOLVERS

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Rodney Foxworth says the racial “wealth gap” is a misnomer because it implies something that’s achievable to close. “Wealth chasm” is more on the nose since we’re talking about disparities created by centuries of oppression. Growing up in Baltimore, Rodney witnessed firsthand what many Black and brown communities face in America — systemic racism, over policing, economic dislocation. Now, as CEO of Common Future, he draws on that lived experience to create a network of organizations across the country that builds relationships and economic power in historically exploited communities. Foxworth is featured in the first episode of Solvers, a new podcast from the Skoll Foundation in partnership with Aspen Ideas. Hosts Courtney E. Martin and Nguhi Mwaura introduce listeners to social entrepreneurs who are tackling some of the world's messiest problems.

Find Solvers on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or your favorite podcast player. Enjoy the entirety of the first episode on Aspen Ideas to Go. Find additional show notes on the Skoll Foundation's Solvers podcast page.

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