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If you can shift your focus from the star or from the most powerful person in that room to the most vulnerable person...what is their experience like?

Shannon Van Sant Co-Founder, Press Forward; Documentary Filmmaker
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How Women in the Media Are Tackling #MeToo

How Women in the Media Are Tackling #MeToo

Show Notes

News reporters have covered the #MeToo movement since it gained ground one year ago. But journalists haven’t just written about the movement, some have experienced sexual harassment and violence themselves. In this episode, a group of leading female journalists share their personal stories and discuss how newsroom culture must shift. What concrete steps can the industry take to serve women currently working as journalists and the next generation of writers? Speakers include Katie Couric, Mona Charen, Adrienne Green, Shannon Van Sant, Susan Page, and Rebecca Blumenstein. Their conversation was held June 28, 2018 at the Aspen Ideas Festival.


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