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It’s important to have this be a collective conversation between all of us, governments, and citizens.

James Manyika Senior Vice President of Research, Technology, and Society, Google/Alp...
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How Do We Put Guardrails on A.I.?

How Do We Put Guardrails on A.I.?

Show Notes

Artificial intelligence is making world-changing advances every day. But these powerful tools can be used for malicious and nefarious purposes just as easily as they can be used for good. How can society put guardrails on this technology to ensure that we build the most safe and responsible version of the future, where A.I. is assistive rather than weaponized? Google’s senior vice president of research, technology and society, James Manyika, is trying to help solve this problem. He’s been working in A.I. since the 1990s, and is vice chair of Biden’s National AI Advisory Committee. He talks with New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman about finding the right balance between allowing innovation to flourish and preventing runaway negative outcomes.


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