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How much do we use it simply to cut costs and do exactly what we're doing before but more efficiently and with fewer people...or do we say, what could we do with this that we couldn't do before?

Tim O'Reilly Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media; Partner, O'Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures
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How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Industry

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Industry

Show Notes

Bill Gates portends doomsday is coming. The late Stephen Hawking said we should prepare for our robot overlords to take their thrones. But is the future as glaring as HAL’s red eye? Or is it more complicated than that? What does a future powered by algorithms and big intelligence mean for our lives? What are the game-changing developments made possible by AI? How will AI transform industry and disrupt business? A panel of tech and business experts, including Tim O’Reilly, Gary Marcus, and Michael Chui, discuss how AI will impact our lives, and which business sectors might be most affected. Their conversation is led by Bloomberg Television’s Erik Schatzker.


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