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I think I have run as fast and as hard as I could away from grief.

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Diane Rehm on Death with Dignity

Diane Rehm on Death with Dignity

Show Notes

Public radio host Diane Rehm lost her husband to Parkinson’s disease nearly two years ago. His was an unconventional death, where, in the end, he refused food, water, and medication. Physician-assisted suicide isn’t permitted in Maryland, the state where he died, so he took matters into his own hands. Now, Diane Rehm is an advocate in the right-to-die debate, or what she terms “right-to-choose.” In this episode, she talks about her memoir "On My Own," which details the struggle to reconstruct her life after the death of John. The couple was married for 54 years. Rehm spoke as part of the Alma and Joseph Gildenhorn Book Series at the Aspen Institute.


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