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Does the Republican party need to change, or is it going to be doomed if it follows this path?

Mickey Edwards Vice President and Program Director, Rodel Fellowships in Public Leade...
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Conservatism in the Era of Trump

Conservatism in the Era of Trump

Show Notes

Is the Republican Party in the United States having an identity crisis? Are the priorities of the Republican Party, conservative ideals, and the Trump administration’s policies aligning? Or, are we witnessing the factions of the party splintering off? Our panel includes Jonah Goldberg (National Review), Allysia Finley (The Wall Street Journal), Michael Steele (former Republican National Committee chairman), and Mickey Edwards (former Republican Congressman from Oklahoma and Aspen Institute Vice President). They discuss whether the Republican Party is promoting conservative principles or becoming the Donald Trump party. Their conversation was held July 24 in Aspen, Colorado as part of the Institute’s McCloskey Speaker Series.


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