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The world is now in violent and chaotic flux.

Bill McKibben Co-Founder and Global Organizer,; Environmental Author
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Combating Climate Change One Protest at a Time

Combating Climate Change One Protest at a Time

Show Notes

Three decades ago, writer Bill McKibben gave a warning about impacts from global warming in his book The End of Nature. Since then, little has been done to tackle the problem, which is growing. Weather events are worsening and communities are suffering from stronger storms, heat waves, wildfires, and more. “The world is now in violent and chaotic flux,” he says. To address this emergency, he suggests transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy and hitting the streets. His organization has held rallies around the world to bring attention to the climate crisis. With the Global Climate Strike just around the corner (September 20), McKibben gives a call to arms to protect our planet and humanity itself. The views and opinions of the podcast guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Aspen Institute.

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