Brian Greene

A life without science can be fulfilling, to be sure, but it is bereft of something that gives experience a rich and otherwise inaccessible element of dimension.

Brian Greene Co-Founder and Chairman, World Science Festival; Professor of Physics...
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Aspen Ideas Festival "Big Ideas"

Aspen Ideas Festival "Big Ideas"

Show Notes

Every summer, writers, professors, artists, activists, and others deliver their “big ideas” at the Aspen Ideas Festival. The onstage advice celebrates the Festival itself, which brings together great thinkers to debate and discuss the most important and fascinating issues of our time. The Festival marks its twelfth year in late June. This episode features “big ideas” from as far back as 2007 that cover science, arts education, happiness, and technology. Physicist Brian Greene, opera singer Jessye Norman and former congresswoman Gabby Giffords deliver their ideas, along with many others.


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