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Save the dates! Free and open to all, the 2021 Aspen Ideas Festival will be held online June 27-July 1.

Aspen Ideas 2021 — June 27-July 1

Save the dates! Free and open to all, the Aspen Ideas Festival will present a series of digital sessions exploring issues ranging from democracy to science, the USA’s role on the world stage, and inequality. Through moderated discussions and interviews, we’ll explore the theme American Futures

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Conversations from the 2020 Festival

Aspen Ideas 2020 featured speakers such as Stacey Abrams, Anthony Fauci, Jon Batiste, Mitt Romney, Walter Isaacson, Alicia Garza, and many others. View the schedule from the Festival, which was held June 28 - July 2.

Hear about the latest Covid-19 developments, the ongoing fight for voter rights, and how music can change minds. Watch day 1.

Can artificial intelligence help us prepare for the next pandemic? You’ll also hear about freedom of the press and leadership in the United States. Special performance by Jon Batiste. Watch Day 2.

Hear about the pace of innovation in producing and distributing a vaccine for Covid-19. How do the arts help us understand this cultural moment and ground us in historical context? What is America's role on the global stage? Special performance by Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Watch Day 3.

The mayor of Atlanta opens up. How will CRISPR change our approach to disease? Get a glimpse of the life of Winston Churchill and his ability to unite. Hear about the future of the economy. Watch Day 4.

How will China's political and economic rise affect American diplomacy? We examine racial oppression in America; our significance on the cosmological timeline; and whether language is a viable tool to help remake our world. Watch Day 5.

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