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2023 Climate

Aspen Ideas: Climate Program Tracks

Aspen Ideas: Climate 2023 will focus on five substantive themes that address our collective future around the realities of a changing climate.

Program Tracks

Our program tracks guide conversations among global and local policymakers, scientific experts, corporate leaders, inventors and innovators, artists, young leaders, influencers, and engaged members of the public.

Aspen Ideas: Climate takes place in Miami Beach, Florida, March 6–9, 2023.

Envisioning our Energy Future

Powering a planet of almost 8 billion takes a lot of energy, and we must decarbonize its production at a speed and scale to meet the global challenge. This track brings together energy system leaders from across sectors, politics, and continents to dig into the tricky questions that can enable this transition. From unpacking the innovation in recent US legislation and fragile energy supplies amid political instability to groundbreaking technological innovations and the literally groundbreaking search for critical minerals, we’ll envision the energy system of our future.

A Resilient Earth

It's time to start working with nature rather than against it. This track will bring together the many leaders using nature-based solutions and technological innovations to fortify Earth’s ecosystems and communities and mitigate the climate crisis in the process. From restoring forests and leveraging climate-smart agriculture practices to deploying innovative blue and green infrastructure as alternatives or enhancements to traditional projects, we’ll explore approaches that harness the power of natural systems to ensure their own longevity. 

Community Solutions

The most innovative and promising solutions to climate change are often developed from the ground up, from within the communities closest to the impacts of the crisis. From rural communities drawing on faith, storytellers and students on stories, and artists on canvas to change minds and spread climate-smart practices, there are a lot of ways to drive climate action. This track will aim to uplift and scale these diverse community-based solutions, driving systems to change.

Designing the Future Today

If we want a brighter future, we must harness the sharpest minds and most promising solutions from across industries. This track will feature the architects, engineers, and artists designing a climate-resilient future. Specifically, it will explore how to prioritize both the environment and the people that inhabit it and how innovative design across industries helps us adapt to changing realities. 

Building a Climate-Smart Economy

Financing for climate-smart technologies, infrastructure, and resilience are driving corporate, community, and individual climate action around the world. Companies are acting on net-zero pledges, banks and investors are seeking out climate-friendly initiatives and investments, and consumers are embracing increasingly affordable electric vehicles and home energy upgrades. This track will explore approaches to financing climate action around the world , propelling us to a cleaner, healthier economy.

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