The Pandemic Pivot: Who Will Transform America's Economic Recovery?

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As the Covid-19 pandemic rattles the nation, workers and policymakers are using ingenuity to prepare for a post-pandemic economy.

What Happens When Covid-19 Meets America's Manufacturing Might?

This Labor Day, we’re highlighting a historic pivot the auto industry made shortly after the Covid-19 outbreak began in the United States. Ford Motor Company shifted from producing F-150s to creating ventilators, respirators, face shields, and masks for workers on the frontlines of the outbreak. With help from members of the United Auto Workers union (UAW) and other manufacturing companies, Ford transitioned its industrial facilities into medical production spaces. “The pandemic has shown how important the auto industry is,” says Rory Gamble, president of the UAW. He sits down with Jim Hackett, CEO of Ford, Peter Berg, creator of the documentary On the Line, and Gillian Tett, US editor-at-large of the Financial Times, to discuss the power of coming together and how Ford’s pivot will impact the future of manufacturing.

California's Approach to Economic Recovery

What will California’s economy look like once the pandemic is over? Julie Su, secretary of the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, says quality jobs must be prioritized. “We’re looking at recovery as something different than going back to where we came from. We want to recover better than we entered.” The pandemic has prompted overdue discussions about equity and inclusivity. Workers of color are over-represented in low-wage jobs and make up a disproportionate share of essential workers who are exposed to the pandemic’s health risks. Su talks with Angela Glover Blackwell, founder in residence at PolicyLink, and Meghan McCarty Carino, workplace culture reporter for Marketplace, about how to use this unique period to create pathways for shared prosperity.

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