Aspen Ideas Festival 2021: Plenary Day 5

4 Speakers
Aspen Ideas Festival - July 1st

The fifth day of the Festival includes discussions featuring Diana Trujillo, Marina Koren, Joe Lubin, and Gillian Tett.

Aspen Ideas Festival - July 1st (full episode)

Tonight, we’ll discuss two very different technological frontiers. First we’ll talk with the fight director of the Mars Perseverance rover, hearing about her inspiring life story and humanity’s need to explore. Then we’ll dig deep into blockchain, a technology that — beyond cryptocurrency trading — has the potential to reshape the global economy.

Why We Explore: Insights from the Perseverance Flight Director

NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars earlier this year, continuing decades of research and fascination with the Red Planet. What can we learn from the rocks and soil the rover is tasked with collecting — and why should we care? What fuels the need to explore? In this conversation, Perseverance Flight Director Diana Trujillo sits down with Marina Koren, who covers space for The Atlantic, to share details about the Mars: 2020 mission, her inspiring life trajectory to becoming an aerospace engineer, and why she feels a special calling to help bring more women into science and engineering.

The Promise of Blockchain

The recent frenzy around NFTs and cryptocurrency have thrust blockchain into the spotlight. But is the true promise of the technology more profound? Joe Lubin, co-creator of Ethereum and one of the original pioneers in blockchain, joins Financial Times’ Gillian Tett to discuss the state of cryptocurrency and the implications of decentralization for the global economy.

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