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Two happiness gurus on why suffering is sacred

Plus — why Shakespeare is still relevant and year-end reads from Festival speakers

  • December 8th 2022

Why Suffering is a Great Teacher

“The world is going to be full of sadness. That’s a non-negotiable fact of life. But that doesn’t have to diminish your joy,” says essayist Pico Iyer. “And in fact, that’s what makes your joy necessary.” He speaks with Harvard professor and social scientist Arthur Brooks, and together they reflect on how and why happiness is to be found even when the world feels like it’s falling apart, why the pandemic is a powerful teacher on joy, and what technology could mean for our ability to commune together.


Must-Reads from Our Speakers 

Looking for a holiday gift for the readers in your life? Books from our 2022 Aspen Ideas Festival speakers have you covered. From how we can access intelligence that exists outside our brains, to tips for productive conversations with people we disagree with, to what Zoom has taught us about the future of where and how we work, this reading list dives deep into the most fascinating and important issues of our time. 

Check out our list of speaker books.

The Brilliance of the Bard

Staged in theaters across the country, read by almost every student, and valued across ideologies, Shakespeare's plays are rare common ground in the United States. “Theater is the fundamental art form for democracy,” says Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director of The Public Theater. He speaks with author and Shakespeare scholar James Shapiro about the continued relevance of our most produced and impactful dramatist’s work.


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