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StoryCorps CEO Sandra Clark on the Healing Power of Stories

Everyone has a story to tell – and sharing them reminds us of our common humanity. Few know this better than StoryCorps CEO Sandra Clark. Over the last 20 years, the organization has collected, archived, and shared the extraordinary stories of everyday people. Learn about the powerful ways storytelling and listening can help cultivate empathy and foster understanding.

  • September 11th 2023

"Stories help people believe in one another by illuminating the possibility and humanity in all of us," says Sandra Clark, the CEO of StoryCorps, an organization that has recorded conversations with over 600,000 people, from a booth Grand Central Station to nationwide mobile tours of its iconic Airstream. During Aspen Ideas: Health, she sat down with Aspen Institute CEO Dan Porterfield for a special off-stage chat about the importance of sharing stories during these times marked by deep divides and loneliness.

Tell us about StoryCorps' mission...

How can sharing stories help us address the current loneliness epidemic?

You've said that listening is an act of love. What do you mean by that?

If you could have a StoryCorps conversation with someone, who would it be?

As our communities look to rebuild trust and connection, what can we learn from the StoryCorps archives?


Watch "Listening as an Act of Empathy: The StoryCorp Model" to tap into the StoryCorps archive with Sandra and experience how stories can connect us to our common humanity.

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Listening as an Act of Empathy: The StoryCorps Model

  • Sandra Clark

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