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Show Up: Trail Breakers

Inspiring activists who are stepping up for their communities.

  • October 30th 2020

Showing up comes in various shapes and sizes, through service, community building, and direct action. At Aspen Ideas: Show Up, we profiled a number of young activists who are stepping up for their communities around climate, gun violence, voting rights, and civil discourse. Watch these short profiles of trail breakers making an impact in their communities. Alister Martin founded VotER to help patients, often in underserved communities, register to vote. Aalayah Eastmond, who survived the Parkland school shooting, is actively advocating gun violence prevention in Washington, DC. Tania Israel, author of Beyond Your Bubble, demonstrates that active listening is critical to bridging the political divide. And Benji Backer founded the American Conservation Coalition to unite behind market-based climate solutions. Watch their inspiring stories of meaningful change.

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