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L.A.'s Chief Heat Officer on the Public Health Threat of Extreme Heat

Worldwide, 10 cities have named Chief Heat Officers to address the growing threat of extreme heat. Marta Segura is leading the way in Los Angeles by connecting equity, health, and climate data to save lives and build more resilient communities. Learn how the city is making progress in the face of rising temperatures.

  • July 31st 2023

July 2023 was the hottest month ever recorded, raising significant concerns about the health, economic, and environmental impacts of extreme heat. As temperatures rise, cities around the world are working on short term and long term solutions to protect vulnerable populations and prepare our communities to survive and thrive. Grist's Zoya Teirstein, a 2023 Aspen Ideas: Health journalist fellow, sat down with Marta Segura, Los Angeles' Chief Heat Officer and Director of Climate Emergency Mobilization, to learn about her unique role and how the city is innovating to overcome the growing burden of excessive heat.

How do you think about the threat of extreme heat in the context of health?

Why did Los Angeles designate the position of Chief Heat Officer?

How is Los Angeles working to prevent deaths caused by extreme heat?

How is the city strategically using equity and health data to advance climate solutions?

How are you collaborating with other Chief Heat Officers and other countries to advance climate change solutions?

With even warmer temperatures predicted in the future, what gives you hope?


Watch "Incorporating Equity into Climate Change Strategies" to hear more from Marta and other climate leaders about the connection between health and environmental justice.

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Incorporating Equity into Climate Change Strategies

  • Marta Segura
  • Dan Chu
  • Justin Worland

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