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Challenging Convention in the Operating Room

Two pioneering doctors are saving lives and making surgeries safer with new, innovative approaches. Presented by Mount Sinai Health System

  • November 18th 2021

Breakthrough Surgeries and the Doctors Behind Them

Major innovations in surgery don’t come often, but two Mount Sinai doctors are credited for recent medical firsts in their fields. After twenty years of research, Dr. Eric Genden gave a new windpipe to a patient in the first ever tracheal transplant this Spring. With increased intubations from Covid-19, the procedure could save thousands of lives. Dr. John Puskas has made heart bypass surgery significantly safer through creative, less invasive forms of grafting. What is driving these breakthroughs, and what hurdles did these doctors face along the way? What should patients consider when they’re choosing a doctor for a big procedure? And how are doctors persistently challenging convention after so many years of learning established rules? Watch the video below.

Kenneth Davis, CEO of the Mount Sinai Health System, speaks with Eric Genden, chair of Mount Sinai's ear, nose, and throat department, and John Puskas who leads the cardiothoracic surgery program at Mount Sinai Morningside.

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