Aspen Ideas 2021 Wednesday, June 30

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  • June 28th 2021

Day 3: Wednesday, June 30

9:30 AM MT

Can Congress Still Solve Problems?
Brian Fitzpatrick, Josh Gottheimer, and Stephanie Murphy in conversation with Charlie Dent. WATCH.

10:45 AM MT

How Will We Create More Wealth for Everyone?
Kunal Kapoor, Beth Ann Bovino, and Starsky Wilson in conversation with Gillian White. WATCH.

The Future of the Creative Economy
Cassey Ho, Robert Kyncl, and Andrew Rea in conversation with Brittany Luse. Presented by YouTube. WATCH.

12:00 PM MT

Competing for the Future: Will America Maintain Its Tech Edge? 
Pat Gelsinger and Senator Mark Kelly in conversation with Stephanie Mehta. WATCH.

Exhibiting the Future
Rachel Goslins and David Rockwell. WATCH.

1:15 PM MT

How are Companies Using Your Personal Data?
Tom Wilson and Bruce Schneier in conversation with Betsy Cooper. Presented by Allstate. WATCH.

Hunting the Next Virus 
Nathan Wolfe in conversation with Sarah Zhang. WATCH.

2:30 PM MT

Control Your Data, Control Your Destiny
Alison McCauley in conversation with Garrett Graff. WATCH.

Is Stakeholder Capitalism Necessary for Economic Success?
Neil Blumenthal, Ken Chenault , Maurice Jones, and Julie Sweet in conversation with Stephanie Mehta. WATCH.

5:00 PM MT

Plenary 4

The United States must rethink its approach to China, says a former national security advisor. Getting it right is crucial not just for America, but for the world. Two scholars contemplate how the nation’s monuments and landmarks tell — and shape — our collective memory and shared future. A champion of the Whole Child approach to education, one that honors the humanity of each teacher and student, sheds light on how new technologies can accelerate students’ learning.

A New Approach to China
H.R. McMaster in conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg.

Remembering the Past, Imagining the Future: How the Legacy of Slavery Still Shapes Us
Elizabeth Alexander and Clint Smith.

The Path to Stronger Teacher-Student Connections
Priscilla Chan in conversation with Linda Darling-Hammond.


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