Aspen Ideas 2021 Tuesday, June 29

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  • June 28th 2021

Day 3: Tuesday, June 29

9:30 AM MT

Fintech: Great Enabler or Great Divider?
Michael Miebach in conversation with Stephanie Mehta. Presented by Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth. WATCH.

In Search of Life
Carl Zimmer in conversation with Sasha Sagan. WATCH.

10:45 AM MT

Digital Equity in a Post-Pandemic World
Aneesh Chopra and Rose Stuckey Kirk in conversation with Vivian Schiller. Presented by Verizon. WATCH. 

A New Way to Govern: Politics Minus Politicians
Hélène Landemore in conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg. WATCH.

12:00 PM MT

The Best Pandemic Big Ideas in Health Care
Gary Butts, Lauren Underwood, and Leana Wen in conversation with Amna Nawaz. Presented by Mount Sinai Health System. WATCH.

12:30 PM MT

The Road to Zero Emissions
Mary Barra in conversation with Ken Chenault. WATCH. 

1:15 PM MT

What the Ancients Got Right about Happiness
Tamar Gendler and Laurie Santos. WATCH.

Impacting the Future with Impact Investing
Jim Coulter in conversation with Leslie Picker. Presented by The Rise Fund. WATCH.

2:30 PM MT

A Bold New Flavor of Entrepreneurship
Jeni Britton Bauer in conversation with Gillian White. WATCH. 

How Movies Move Us
Caty Chattoo, Hoda Hawa, and Anikah McLaren in conversation with Holly Gordon. WATCH.

5:00 PM MT

Plenary 3

Can a dating app help shape the way people treat each other online and off? The founder of Bumble talks about turning long-standing mating strategies upside down and inside out. Mayor fatigue is real. Between managing a pandemic, while reckoning with racial inequalities, many stressed out mayors report there’s no time to deal with common city problems. We hear from the mayor of Chicago. Are we alone? Humans have always wanted to know where we come from, how we fit into the universe. Meet an astronomer who says recognizing our place in the cosmos is fundamental to finding how to sustain life on Earth for the long future.

The Billion-Dollar Bumble That Changed the Dating Game Forever
Whitney Wolfe Herd in conversation with Charlotte Alter. 

Moving Past 2020 to Build Better Cities
Lori Lightfoot in conversation with James Anderson. 

Searching for Aliens, Finding Ourselves
Jill Tarter in conversation with Garrett Graff. 

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