Aspen Ideas 2021 Thursday, July 1

Find direct links to Thursday's breakout sessions and evening plenary below. All times are MT.

  • June 30th 2021

Day 4: Thursday, July 1

12:00 PM MT

What Does It Mean for Empathy to be “The Fuel of Democracy”?
Featuring Sherry Turkle in conversation with Joshua Johnson. WATCH.

Diagnosing the Information Disorder
Yasmin Green and Chris Krebs in conversation with Vivian Schiller. WATCH.

Leaders and Inventors: The Creatives We Need in Our Future
Walter Isaacson in conversation with David Rubenstein. WATCH

1:00 PM MT

Civilization as a Sculpture
Dustin Yellin. WATCH.

How to Be Mindfully Present to the Future
Jane McGonigal in conversation with Rohan Gunatillake. WATCH.

Breaking the Blue Wall of Silence: Reflections on the Derek Chauvin Trial
Keith Ellison and Neal Katyal in conversation with Joshua Johnson. WATCH.

2:00 PM MT

Can National Service Heal America?
Stanley McChrystal in conversation with Laura Lauder. WATCH.

Back to School, Like We've Never Seen It Before
Randi Weingarten in conversation with Dan Porterfield. WATCH.

STEM as a Catalyst for Social Change: A Young Innovator's Journey
Gitanjali Rao. WATCH

3:00 PM MT

The Shroom Boom and other Therapeutic Psychedelics for the Win
Gita Vaid and Rachel Yehuda in conversation Alison Snyder. WATCH.

The Evolution of the CEO
Chip Bergh in conversation with Ellen McGirt. WATCH.

4:00 PM MT

CRISPR and the Age of Biology
Walter Isaacson. WATCH.

The Middle East: Taking the Long View
Shadi Hamid in conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg. WATCH.

5:00 PM MT

Plenary 5

Tonight, we’ll discuss two very different technological frontiers. First we’ll talk with the fight director of the Mars Perseverance rover, hearing about her inspiring life story and humanity’s need to explore. Then we’ll dig deep into blockchain, a technology that — beyond cryptocurrency trading — has the potential to reshape the global economy.

Why We Explore: Insights from the Perseverance Flight Director
Diana Trujillo in conversation with Marina Koren.

The Promise of Blockchain
Joe Lubin in conversation with Gillian Tett.

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