Aspen Ideas 2021 Monday, June 28

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  • June 28th 2021

Day 2: Monday, June 28

9:30 AM MT

The Classroom of the Future: Better Education for All
Common, María Hinojosa, Tim Shriver, Rosemary Collins, and Caryl Stern. Presented by Walton Family Foundation. WATCH.

Citizenship and the Beginner’s Mind: How to Imagine Our Way Forward
Yo-Yo Ma and Eric Liu. WATCH

10:45 AM MT

Fiscal Resiliency in an Uncertain World
Peter Orszag, Robert Rubin, and Joseph Stiglitz in conversation with Gillian Tett. WATCH.

Black and Blue: When Coach Is Also a Cop
Charles Adams and Zach Yeager in conversation with Jon Frankel. WATCH.

12:00 PM MT

How Facebook Thinks the World Is Changing
Chris Cox in conversation with Nick Thompson. WATCH.

The Quest for Life on Mars
Sarah Stewart Johnson in conversation with Marina Koren. WATCH.

1:15 PM MT

Accelerated Change and the Post-Pandemic Workforce: The Future of Work
Rob Falzon and Zeynep Ton. Presented by Prudential. WATCH 

Local News and Why It Matters to Democracy
S. Mitra Kalita and Stewart Vanderwilt in conversation with Vivian Schiller. WATCH. 

2:30 PM MT

Accelerating Discovery
Nicholas Dirks, Serpil Erzurum and Darío Gil in conversation with Alison Snyder. Presented by IBM. WATCH.

The Artist and the Mayor: Imagining the Future of Jackson, Mississippi  
Chokwe Lumumba and Kiese Laymon. WATCH.

4:00 PM MT

AsapSCIENCE: Using Science to Connect with Your Audience
Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit. WATCH.

5:00 PM MT

Plenary 2

We’ve migrated since the dawn of civilization, but current trends suggest our movement is accelerating. What are the deep trends shaping the future of human mobility, and where might they take us? Hear from a tech company CEO about the investments leaders can make to close the racial wealth gap and build a just economy. We often mistakenly think about museums as places for dusty relics. But, as an expert on the topic explains, they have an important job to do in helping us to contextualize what is happening around us.

Museums as a Home for Hope
Lonnie Bunch in conversation Jonathan Capehart.

Investing in Racial Equity: A Movement, Not a Moment
Dan Schulman in conversation with Shartia Brantley. 

America's Next Manifest Destiny
Parag Khanna.



Judas and the Black Messiah (Special Film Screening)
More details here.

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