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A Civic Health Check-Up with Vot-ER Founder Alister Martin

It’s a fact: In communities where voting rates are higher, health outcomes are better. That’s why ER physician Alister Martin, the Founder of Vot-ER and CEO of A Healthier Democracy, is on a mission to engage patients and fellow healthcare providers in the civic process. Learn how he's tapping into the power of healthcare settings to drive positive social change for all.

  • August 14th 2023

Civic engagement allows us to share power over the decisions that impact our health. Yet, 60 million Americans who are eligible to vote aren't registered – many of which Alister Martin sees in his emergency room in Boston every day. During Aspen Ideas: Health, he sat down with Frederick Riley, Executive Director of Weave: The Social Fabric Project at the Aspen Institute, for an off-stage chat about Vot-ER's movement of 50,000 doctors who are bringing voter registration to waiting rooms across the country.

Why do we need to tap into the power of healthcare providers and settings to help create social change?

What is the connection between voting and health outcomes?

What makes healthcare providers uniquely positioned to establish trust, especially within vulnerable communities?

How is civic engagement being built into the training of the next generation of healthcare providers?

What gives you hope for the future of healthcare and our democracy?

What is your "call to action" for other healthcare leaders?


Watch "Forging Healthier Communities through Civic Engagement" to hear more from Alister and other community leaders about the interplay between meaningful participation and healthy communities.

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Forging Healthier Communities through Civic Engagement

  • Alister Martin
  • Morgan Dixon
  • Stephen Lucke
  • Mia Birdsong

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