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2019 Festival Dates Announced

  • August 27th 2018

Mark your calendars! The dates for the 2019 Aspen Ideas: Health and Aspen Ideas Festival have been announced.

Health June 20 - 23

Aspen Ideas Festival June 23 - 29

Passes go on sale for the Institute's Society of Fellows on November 7, 2018. Registration for the general public opens on November 14, 2018.

Fixing the Refugee Crisis

More than 65 million people around the globe are either refugees, asylum seekers, or displaced within their own countries. David Miliband, president of the the International Rescue Committee, says we can fix this crisis. In Aspen Ideas to Go, he tells The Atlantic's Steve Clemons, “The work of rescue isn’t just about the people we’re helping. It’s actually about us." Read more about Miliband and listen to the podcast.

David Miliband speaks with Steve Clemons at Aspen Ideas 2018.

How to Stop the Spread of Fake News

Renee DiResta investigates the spread of disinformation across social media. She's research director at New KnowledgeIn our blog, she says the anti-vaccine movement and other pseudoscience conspiracies on social media sparked her interest in studying disinformation campaigns. In her work, DiResta has advised Congress and the US State Department about propaganda operations online. Read DiResta's advice on how you can fight disinformation.

Dipayan Ghosh and Renee DiResta at Aspen Ideas 2018.
"I’ve never looked at my calling as creating a house or a park, but how creating a space allows people to live out their best stories."
Liz Ogbu, designer; urbanist with expertise in social and spatial justice

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