Smart Solutions to the World's Toughest Challenges
Due to the breadth of certain topics, five program tracks will offer conversations across both Festival 1 and Festival 2. Additionally, focused attention will be given to additional themes during each half of the Festival. Spotlight Health kicks off the week as a focused, two-and-a-half day forum.
NAVIGATING GLOBAL HEALTH THREATS explores the emergence of infectious diseases, the prevalence of hidden hunger, violence as a public health threat, and hackers seeking our personal health data. What combination of resources, smarts, and crosscutting collaborations can turn the tide? Back to top
IF WE BUILD IT presents architects and artists who are using design and technology — from robotics and green spaces to home-based health care and hospitals planned for light and air — to change the way we live, work, and heal. How will design alter our daily lives and the systems that influence us? Back to top
EQUALITY, DIGNITY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HEALTHINESS asserts that reducing global inequality is the moral imperative of our time. How can we reach more people with health-generating strategies? Back to top
THE SCIENCE OF THE POSSIBLE focuses on our collective capacity, wisdom, and determination to bring clean water to the world's population, provide better health care to more people at lower cost, advance knowledge of behavioral health, and defeat malignancies with personalized medicine. What are the restraints and how do we push past them? Back to top
THE ENDANGERED AMERICAN DREAM examines the widening gap between the haves and have-nots and explores the range of policies and practices to restore economic mobility. Back to top
OUR ENVIRONMENTAL FUTURE is a look at the manifestations of climate change as seen through extinction, drought, and natural resource development, juxtaposed with the trailblazing technologies and ideas that can reverse trends and rethink human interaction. Back to top
MAKING ARTS WORK examines solutions that arts and culture offer toward creating a society that is vibrant, yet harmonized, in its polyphony of voices. Leaders in the arts will demonstrate how the arts can meaningfully improve our world, giving us a life we want to live. Back to top
CHALLENGES TO DEMOCRACY offers debates and perspectives spanning global issues such as the rise of extremism, constraints on representative government, and new forms of authoritarianism, as well as tests to our domestic democratic institutions.
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THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE examines how everything from politics to flows of people, services, technology, finances, and energy impact opportunities for American business at home and abroad? What kinds of smart ideas will foster economic prosperity?
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JUST ARTS examines justice issues — like our over-incarcerated population or the broken bridges between every child and the opportunity for a good education — and shows how art spurs development, understanding, and advancement in issues global and local. Back to top
VIOLENCE AND AMERICAN CULTURE is an exploration of the causes, effects, and ways to address violence in the US through the lenses of economics, sociology, policy, and media. Back to top
THE BEAUTY OF MATHEMATICS, our annual tribute to a field of science, will convene leading scientists to explain to us, if not coach the more reluctant among us, why mathematics is so accessible, important, and elegant. Back to top
OCEANS '15 delves into the magic of, and the critical threats to, the mostly unexplored depths that surround us. Back to top
THE MIND looks at neuroscience, psychology, and recent discoveries that shed light on the essence of what makes us human. Back to top
WILL TECHNOLOGY SAVE US? features the smartest thinkers about technology and its promise, appraising tech’s impact and potential in such arenas as education, security, climate, medicine, media, and democracy. Back to top
FAITH, CONFLICT, AND THE FUTURE OF RELIGION explores the issues and complexities that define cultures and conflict, domestically and across the globe.
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