IBM is a proud underwriter of the 2023 Aspen Ideas Festival.

At IBM, we believe what businesses need most in this next era is creativity.

In an increasingly complex world, technology alone won’t bring about the systemic change that business and society needs. It requires people and ideas to create better ways of working.

Roles that aren’t thought to be inherently creative are responsible for turning vision into action. CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, COOs, CISOs, CROs, developers—they are creators, and wherever they are, whatever they are working on, is where creativity is happening.

Their task is not simple. They own and operate mission-critical systems, from electrical grids and airlines to mobile networks and banks. These systems are more than just engines of economic growth. They are the systems that support modern society. 

It’s why we strive to lead in the discovery, design and development of the industry’s most advanced information technology, including AI, cloud computing infrastructure and enterprise software. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our clients through our consulting business worldwide.

When we create systems that are faster, more productive and more secure, we don’t just make business work better, we make the world work better. We don’t just drive business value, we drive progress. That’s why IBM’s purpose is to be the catalyst that makes the world work better.

Today, we face more urgent and interdependent problems than ever before—and we can’t go at them alone. Together, let’s show the future what the creative minds inside every business can do.

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