Helmsley Trust

The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust is a global philanthropy committed to helping people live better lives today and creating stronger, healthier futures for individuals and communities. We partner with people and organizations to invest in new ideas and research across six program areas: Crohn’s Disease, Israel, Rural Healthcare, Type 1 Diabetes, Vulnerable Children in Sub-Saharan Africa, and New York City.

Helmsley is the largest private philanthropy focused on Type 1 diabetes and Crohn’s disease and is dedicated to improving care and access to therapies for people living with these chronic diseases. Understanding the causes of Crohn’s disease and Type 1 diabetes is critical to preventing disease development and progression, and to developing better treatments. Helmsley is proud to support bold research projects aimed at unraveling the complicated factors that contribute to Crohn’s disease and Type 1 diabetes, and ultimately to improve patients’ quality of life.

Crohn’s disease in particular is a lifelong, complex, chronic inflammatory bowel disease characterized by unexpected disease flares and painful complications. Many factors—including genetics, environmental exposures, the microbiome, and diet—are believed to contribute to its development and exacerbation of symptoms, but how exactly they interplay to cause disease and flares is not well understood. New insight into how these factors may contribute is being provided by advances in technology, such as wearable and passive biosensors that allow us to better track and even predict disease course and flares, or to identify environment exposures that contribute to disease.

To share this journey, Helmsley is excited to present The World Around Us at Aspen Ideas: Health. This panel will center on the relationship between the invisible environment and health, and the many ways we can track the body’s response to a changing environment. We hope you will join us and panelists Dina Katabi, Stephen Friend, and Mike Snyder.

Helmsley is proud to support impactful ideas and aims to mobilize a global community committed to improving the lives of people with Crohn’s disease and Type 1 diabetes.

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