California Health Care Foundation

California Health Care Foundation is a proud supporter of Aspen Ideas: Health 2023.

About the California Health Care Foundation

The California Health Care Foundation is an independent, nonprofit philanthropy that works to improve the health care system so that all Californians have the care they need. We focus especially on making sure the system works for Californians with low incomes and for communities who have traditionally faced the greatest barriers to care. We partner with leaders across the health care safety net to ensure they have the data and resources to make care more just and to drive improvement in a complex system.

CHCF is especially focused on driving improvement in four main areas:

  • Get everyone covered. Right now, three million Californians lack basic health coverage. We need to make sure everyone, regardless of income or immigration status, has the access to health care that insurance provides. One important part of the solution is ensuring that all Californians eligible for Medi-Cal are enrolled in the program.
  • Strengthen and diversify the health workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic provided a stark reminder of the vital importance of California’s health care workforce. It also underscored the imperative of solving ongoing shortages of critical health professionals and ensuring that our workforce has the cultural and language competencies needed to serve California’s diverse population.
  • Deliver care better. California can take steps to increase access and improve the way care is delivered to people with complex health needs, like those experiencing homelessness or serious mental illness. Those steps include modernizing how care is paid for and delivered and providing a whole-person care approach.
  • Make care just. There is an urgent need to remove the structural barriers that prevent people of color from getting the care they need. CHCF is working to document inequities in the health care system, hold system leaders accountable, and transform care to uphold each Californian’s dignity.

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