The Metropolis

The Metropolis
Due to the breadth of certain topics, three program tracks will offer conversations across both Fest 1 and Fest 2. Additionally, focused attention will be given to four different subjects during each half of the Festival. Spotlight: Health kicks off the week as a focused, two-and-a-half day forum.
The Metropolis
The Metroplolis
For the first time in history, the majority of the world's population lives in a city. Ten years from now, urban densities will intensify considerably. How will we live, work, play, and flourish in the city of 2024?
Urban landscapes across the globe are the focus of remarkable innovation. Legions of thinkers and leaders are anticipating and designing solutions to the myriad challenges amplified by population growth: transportation systems, buildings and living spaces, energy and food distribution, personal well-being, and community.
How will we address health, personal safety, and green spaces –- even aesthetics? How will the power grid change? How will people move from Point A to Point B? What kind of jobs will be available in the metropolis? What role will technology play in transforming and connecting us to each other? Will we bridge the gap between the haves and have nots, and their respective communities?
To address these questions, we will convene architects, city and community leaders, demographers, economists, futurists, planners, artists, and a fascinating array of entrepreneurs to help us imagine the city of the (near) future.