AIF Team

  • Kitty Boone Vice President, Executive Director, Public Programs
  • Killeen Brettmann Managing Director, Public Programs
  • Peggy Clark Executive Director, Aspen Global Health and Development
  • Katie Drasser Managing Director, Aspen Global Health and Development
  • Libby Franklin Associate Director, Public Programs
  • Dulcy Gregory Conference Services Assistant Director, Public Programs
  • Brett Howley Program Manager, Public Programs
  • Tricia Johnson Editorial Director, Public Programs
  • Peter Kaplan Research Associate, Public Programs
  • Ruth Katz Executive Director, Health, Medicine and Society Program
  • Franmarie Kennedy Associate Director, Operations, Health, Medicine and Society Program
  • Marci Krivonen Associate Editor and Producer, Public Programs
  • Jamie Miller Vice President; Director, Public Programs
  • Deborah Murphy Conference Services Director, Public Programs
  • Aaron Myers Director of Digital Strategy
  • Karen Petersen Conference Manager, Aspen Ideas Festival
  • James Spiegelman Vice President; Chief External Affairs Officer; Deputy to the President
  • Amanda Wiggans Program Coordinator, Public Programs

If you wish to reach team members directly, please visit our Contact Us page.