Wende Hutton

General Partner, Canaan Partners

Wende Hutton is a general partner of Canaan Partners, where she identifies, builds, and invests in companies that can change the practice of medicine by bringing novel drugs, technologies, and devices to market. Before joining Canaan in 2004, she was a general partner at Mayfield. Earlier, she held senior marketing roles at GenPharm International and Nellcor. A volunteer with global health and conservation organizations, Hutton sits on the boards of Antiva Biosciences, Chrono Therapeutics, Glooko, Hyalex Orthopaedics and OncoResponse. Her prior investments include Chimerix (CMRX), Dermira (DERM), Labrys Biologics (acquired by Teva Pharmaceutical), and Transcend Medical (acquired by Alcon/Novartis). Hutton was recognized among Fierce Biotech’s 2014 Fierce 15 women in biotech.

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