Tom Kalil

Thomas Kalil is currently the Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Science and Technology at UC Berkeley. He develops major new multi-disciplinary research and education initiatives at the intersection of information technology, nanotechnology, microsystems, and biology. Tom also serves as the Chair of the Global Health Working Group of the Clinton Global Initiative.  Tom is also a Senior Fellow with the Center for American Progress, and serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of Nanomix. Previously, Thomas Kalil served as the Deputy Assistant to President Clinton for Technology and Economic Policy, and the Deputy Director of the White House National Economic Council.   He was the NEC's "point person" on a wide range of science, technology and innovation policy issues, such as the National Nanotechnology Initiative.  Prior to joining the White House, Tom was a trade specialist at the Washington offices of Dewey Ballantine, where he represented the Semiconductor Industry Association.

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