Todd Farrell

Graduate Student and Doctoral Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Todd Farrell is a doctoral student in the biomechatronics group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab. Farrell’s main research interest is in the control of robotic prosthetics using myoelectric signal processing and machine learning. Outside of research, he is involved with the Pacific Social Architecting Corporation as chief technology officer and advisor and is an instructor in the D-Lab at MIT, where he develops projects around the various clinical, business, and social problems associated with disseminating prosthetics in the developing world. Previously, Farrell worked at Medtronic on pattern recognition and signal processing methods to reduce excessive shocks in pacemakers and defibrillators. He has done computer vision research at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratory and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, information visualization at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, and developed data-mining algorithms for wireless sensor networks with the Media and Design Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Videos/Audio of Todd Farrell

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