Tim O'Reilly

Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media; Partner, O'Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures

Tim O’Reilly is founder, CEO, and chairman of O’Reilly Media and a partner at early stage venture firm O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures. He serves on the boards of Maker Media (which was spun out from O'Reilly Media in 2012), Code for America, PeerJ, Civis Analytics, and PopVox. A technical writer who grew his business from publishing to Web publishing to e-book publishing and event production, O’Reilly has a history of framing such terms and ideas as “open-source software,” “Web 2.0,” “the Maker movement,” “government as a platform,” and “the WTF economy.” As a venture capitalist he has invested in companies such as Blogger, Delicious, Foursquare, Bitly, and Chumby.

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